GOPAC Election Fund Endorses Nancy Mace and Chris Jacobs

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Washington, DC – Today, the GOPAC Election Fund has added Nancy Mace and Chris Jacobs to our Twenty in ’20 program.

“Nancy and Chris have shown a passion for serving others to make the lives of those they represent easier, safer, and better,” said GOPAC Chairman David Avella. “As state legislators who have both started small businesses, Nancy and Chris will bring a much-needed perspective to the US House as we work to get our nation past COVID-19. They will both work tirelessly alongside President Trump to restore Americans’ take-home pay and retirement accounts.”

Mace is running to win back South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, which was won by Democrat Joe Cunningham in 2018. Jacobs is running in both a special election and in November’s general election to fill the seat currently vacant in New York’s 27th Congressional District.

The Twenty in ‘20 program supports GOPAC-affiliated leaders running for the U.S. Senate and House in their primary and general elections. Endorsed candidates receive the maximum allowable federal contribution from the GOPAC Election Fund. Further, the GOPAC Election Fund investors and supporters are encouraged to donate directly to each endorsed candidate. The candidates are also eligible for GOPAC Election Fund independent expenditures.

About the GOPAC Election Fund: The GOPAC Election Fund is an angel investor in federal and state elections. As political entrepreneurs, our approach is a force in American politics as we help advance leaders who are championing ideas to make Americans’ lives easier, safer and better. Our investments are ensuring a healthy roster of tested leaders with state government experience is in place to guide their state legislatures and/or run for higher office.

About Nancy Mace: State Representative Nancy Mace grew up in Goose Creek, S.C. and eventually graduated from Stratford High School. She graduated magna cum laude from The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, where she was the school’s first female to graduate from its Corps of Cadets in 1999. She later earned a master’s degree in Mass Communication from The University of Georgia in 2004.

She is the author of In The Company of Men: A Woman at The Citadel (Simon & Schuster, 2001). Her business experience stems from corporate technology consulting to starting her own company and commercial real estate sales. She served as a Coalitions Director and Field Director for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. in 2016. Nancy has two children, aged 10 and 13.

About Chris Jacobs: Chris Jacobs is a conservative reformer, small businessman and New York State Senator representing Erie County in Western New York. First elected to the Senate in 2016, Jacobs was re-elected in November of 2018.

Prior to his election to the Senate, Jacobs was the first Republican Clerk elected in Erie County in 40 years. Jacobs’ first job after college was working in Washington, DC for former Buffalo Congressman and Buffalo Bills quarterback Jack Kemp. In 1994, Jacobs returned home to Western New York to start the BISON Scholarship Fund, a charity that raised donations to help send children to private and religious schools. BISON will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary this fall, over that time providing scholarships for more than 20,000 children throughout Western New York.

Jacobs grew up in Western New York. He is married to Martina Jacobs and they have a daughter, Anna. He is a graduate of Boston College, has an MBA from American University in Washington, DC and a law degree from SUNY Buffalo.


Evan Berryhill, Esq.
Senior Political and Communications Manager,